Syx Defense Mechanism

Syx – Defense Mechanism

Time to crawl out of your box motherfucker
no one seems to give a shit
I’ll walk backwards through the door
it’s sustained and I’m sick of it
try to break me down inside with your hare
I can’t pull the gun away from my hand
and force the barrel into your fucking mouth

I’ll drag
You down
And suck you
Down into

Force the barrel into your fucking mouth

Calculate and break the frame
well I’ll drag you down and suck you into

Try to live through it this time motherfucker
you’re the one who fed me this
I don;t believe a thing anymore
so it ends

fuck you

crawl ?ns?de my hate
?t’s f?llıng me w?th rage
?’ll break your fuckıng face
and p?ss on your grave

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